Monthly Archives: December 2012

Working From Home

So I no longer have a car. This kind of freaks me out honestly! However I have wanted to work my way towards a job that I CAN work from home…. so this means I am headed towards goals that I have 🙂 which is a good thing. Also I realize that I am so completely blessed to have this opportunity especially in an economy where just having a good paying job is a luxury but also to work from home??? awesome!
On the flip side…. I have two concerns.
– I am a people person… being with just me 4 days out of the week – NO THANKS!!! (Although in my emotional growth there is no better time for me to do it!)
– I am going to become a fat lazy slob…sleeping until I have to work. Naps on breaks etc and honestly discipline is NOT my strong suit.

so what do I do with that??? Organize the snot out of my life 😀 So these are some guidelines that I want to put forth (knowing that I have to be flexible – one of my favorite things to be 😉 so here we go…..
– Wake up at least 30 mins BEFORE work.
-Exercise… now I have a couple of ideas for this one… I am thinking baby steps because honestly that is what my body needs so….10 mins before work, and a rotation of jumping jacks, crunches, running in place, stretching in between calls – something I can’t do at the office.
– shower at lunch (maybe even a short walk as the area I live is FLAT)
– Afternoons – LEARN!!! I am in the process of reading a book on Solaris so in between calls take notes
– blog (duh!!)
then ANY chance I get hang out with people.

Oh yeah eating….I am going to buy a rice cooker. I have not cooked too much the past 5 years so planing full meals 7 days a week I think is a bit out of my scope so baby steps…. 2 cooked meals… trying out new recipes a week seems doable!!!

T minus 6 days to begin the adventure!!

Oh and I have to get the Family Calender done by the 15th!!


How Does It Work???

Ok so I have a week to get organized. I will be without a car. So I have to figure out what i am going to do!! I mean… I will probably only be able to shop about once a week. Sooooo a weeks worth of food. I think that is the biggest thing.  I am quite nervous. I am going to even be working from home. I am SO lucky to be able to do that since I don’t currently have a car but I have NEVER had to do that before. This is going to be an interesting adventure!!

It’s kind of funny because I have been planning on becoming a better cook and eating from home more often. It is funny how wanting to do those things works into all of the sudden I HAVE to do them… I guess the best way to learn is to jump in with two feet!!