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I can cook!!

I can cook!!

Not fabulously and definitely not for anyone for Kevin as he isn’t picky at all 😉 but I have always wanted to be a good cook and have started more than once down that road…. well with pintrest I am succeeding …. yay!


The Simple Life

So in my hurry to get away from my room mates at my old place I took only the necessities…. annd so I have less than a quarter of what I own with me. And it is very freeing and in fact it makes me think a lot about what I actually own, and what I need; and especially about what I am going to get rid of first chance I get!! I almost can’t wait to pair down. But as always … First step …. GET A CAR!!!

Day 4 – COFFEE….

Day 4 - COFFEE....

Hey I got my coffee machine working…. it is only one cup at a time and of a real cup really only half a cup! but it was so good. I added some Starbuck chocolate and creamer…. hmmmmmm…. good stuff and much needed for working at home..
I am also doing exercises to strengthen my stomach muscles because my back has been having issues… and I have been needing to do it. And Kevin and I are talking about exercising when I get back to work and I am excited that he wants to as well. but I need to work on my stomach muscles. woosh… I think I have a long road but I think Kevin supporting me is going to be HUGE!!

Day 3: It’s the Little Things

Today I found an ottoman…. that is the perfect height for a chair for my “desk” I am SO excited. I then realized … sometimes it is the little things that give you such joy. It is a great height…. it doesn’t have a back however …. good thing I am at home I can stand whenever I need to and stretch my legs. So fabulous!!!
Also I made coffee yay!!! I maybe eating a couple too many cookies. that is the bad news.

Lazy Day…

My first day off without a car!!! So horrible… Movies and Calendar!! The good news is that it is close to being done… the calendar that is. My deadline is January 15th next paycheck is just going to have to have enough money to buy these. Oh and reading loads of reading…. boring day and who knows how many I have to endure.  We shall just have to see!!!

A Pintrest Day

I have made another pintrest meal…. buttered beef!! SO good. I am really excited to get to cook so much these days. I am going to have to get better at figuring out how much food I eat in a week though. I spent $100 on food last week!!! That seems a bit much …. however I think that is going to last mostly until next paycheck!!

Also my “creative” thing for this month is my family calendar… almost complete (and it is only the 6th) yes I am amazing!!! a good start to the year and to the month.

Day 2:Playing Again

So a slow day at work = Gossip Girl … catch up!! I know trivial silly teenage drama show but … I’m hooked. Just like any show that you get hooked on … It’s pretty funny what you get sucked into. and pretty fast.
But anyway… I am kind of enjoying the working from home. I am dealing with uncomfortable seating … So I move back and forth from the bed to the floor… one perk of it being so slow!!
Oh … and I get to get out of the house tonight 🙂 Date night!! I am making dinner and we are going to the movies! yay!!

Day 1 : Too Many Cables…

Day one of working from home …. not as bad as I thought!!

I think that I had to use about 20 cables!!! Between computer, laptop, docking station with keyboard and mouse. TV Roku box… and Xbox 360…. too many cables…. It took me 10 mins to get set up this morning however in the future I won’t have to do any set up…. yay!!!I will not have to do that again or at least if I do I will know what goes where everything will go. 


  Although..I don’t have a  chair to work on so I am sitting on a pillow. and my legs fall asleep every once in awhile, and I have to move around just to get them to  wake up! 

But I do have a nice heater endless Netflix and I get to sleep in…


The Unexpected Meet!

So when I left work yesterday I was all excited…. I was going to see my boyfriend, whom I hadn’t seen for TWO WEEKS!!! I was excited I got off work early and took care of some errands and waited….
about the time we were supposed to meet up I got a call. His boys missed their flight home 😦
Now I told him a about a month ago that I had no need to meet the boys so soon. His ex blames me for them breaking up (way off base) but that is how hurt people see things, I figured his boys needed to know that he loved them and that they were the most important thing to him. …..
so they needed a place to stay…. WHAT?!?!?! …. I kinda freaked out… I have never met them and now I was providing housing??? Ooh my goodness.
Luckily I was housesitting and they had a dog and Netflix and that was about all they cared about.
I was also nervous about what K had told them about me… but he held my hand an nothing else mattered. I was immediately at ease…I turned the car on so they could sit in the warmth while we [over]packed the car! I don’t think the Honda Civics were made to have so much stuff. Every available space (including the air above each person) was packed to capacity.
After a lovely evening fending off the dog and trying to figure out Netflix Instant Watch (in other words the TV spazed out so we went to bed) I got to sit and talk with my man! Oh how I have missed him 😀 And this morning we all had to be up around 4:30 AM (now I know it must be love I don’t get up that early for ANYONE!!!!) and I got a peak into what the future {might} hold.
Between getting up two adolescent boys, one super hyper dog, AND me.. it was a mess… but all in all we got out the door and on the road a meer 6 mins after our “must” leave time.
They dropped me off at work and are on their way to the airport … where *hopefully* they will fly home, and I have met the boys that my man loves and we shall have to see what kind of wrath the ex brings down on us*sigh.