Bullies…. they aren’t just for kids!!

I always wanted kids growing up. In fact up until about 4 years ago I was convinced I was going to have kids. And one of the things I was always nervous about helping them with bullies. Well I got my own ongoing lesson with Bullies myself.

You know at first they don’t seem like bullies…at first you just feel like you messed up… that if you just try a little harder, things will be ok. I started spending all of my time in just my room distancing myself. I slowly started feeling like nothing I could do was right. 

And now looking back I realize that so much of it has to do with my Self Esteem. The hardest part of standing up to my roommates was that I didn’t want them to think poorly of me or talk poorly of me to others. I had to get used to the fact that people, who I didn’t hold in high regard would think poorly of me. Once I stated it in facts I realized that it is not important for every person in the world to think highly of me. Some times even when we do things right we are looked down upon. 

There are many times when what is good for us is not good for other people. Like the fact that I didn’t like the way my roommates were treating me and so I wanted to leave and they felt like they couldn’t only continue living in their current place with me. I am so glad to be out of there!!


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