Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Art of Doing Nothing….

Sound fabulous doesn’t it!!! That is what my goal is….just lie on these suckers. Doesn’t really seem like it would work. But the theory is that you breathe and your muscles relax to where they are supposed to be! I am gonna try it!! Considering I ya e had these for over a year seems about right I do!



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It seems my body doesn’t want to be put into shape…so now I am living off of pain pills and icyhot. I had to remember that I am fat! Not in the I am a horrible person and gave no self esteem fat, just….I forgot to exercise for a few years and had some major injuries and now I am trying to recover, kind of fat. So I have to treat myself like I am fat. So baby steps….to start out 30 mins on a recumbent bike…and 5 mins on a treadmill…been good for 3 weeks in a row….headache
s and knee pain aside it is going well!!