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Up Til This Point…(or What I am Overcoming)…..

So I need to gather a brief medical history to give to my personal trainer (I have one lol) he also wants a summary from my chiropractor.. which I will get next time I am in.

I have always had physical issues it starts with a weak foundation I believe. … I have flat feet. So I twisted my ankles all growing up (once resulting in a broken toe), I have exercise-induced asthma (diagnosed at 18) and a tendency for anemia.

When I was 18 I rode a bike for 500 miles (over 5 days) and after a month of horrible knee pain (right knee) I finally went to the Dr. she diagnosed Osgood-Schlatter disease basically said my knee was still growing and told me to take 4 advil when it started hurting. After a couple years (and getting up to 6 advil at a time – I was young and foolish) I went back to the dr (different one) and they said it was tendinitis. With the same treatment plan (still have issues… I use alieve now instead of advil).

I went to a chiropractor some time latter and he took a full body scan. The results are as follows…. I have one hip higher than the other, 3 spots in my back that were “off”, and my neck curved the wrong way (forward instead of back).

In the fall of 1999 I “pulled” all of the muscles in my right shoulder and went to PT for a few months. It still gives me issues most of the time. The next year I dropped off a rope and twisted my right ankle as I came down, and more PT. In spring of 2002 I decided to get in shape and walked a mile every day with almost no side effects, this was probably the last time I was consciously “in shape”. I worked for camp for many years after that and had a physically active lifestyle.

In Sept 2005, I woke up one day with the worst headache I have ever had. I went to many doctors and tried many medications. Some relief was found through constant chiropractor work (he asked me when I was in a car accident – I asked if the one when I was like 5 counted and he thought I had been in one recently), and massage therapy I had some relief. My axis and atlas joints in my neck were twisted and tilted (those are the top two joints). After a year of pain and the many doctors finding no cause for it, they opted for steroid shots in 6 joints in my upper neck.

Since then (2006) all attempts at getting “in shape” have ended in complete pain  mostly in my neck and usually months of agony.  This is a very frustrating process.


March Cooking

March Projects 008Ok So this is pretty much a cheater cooking!!! But look at how wonderful that bread looks 🙂 my sister gave me a gluten-free deliciousness in a jar for Christmas!! Oatmeal/Chocolate… it was amazing! We put some vanilla ice cream on it and it was so great 🙂

March Projects 003

March Projects 004

March Projects 005

March Projects 006

March Projects 007

Craftiness…. (for March)

image   I decided to start cross stitching                                            again. My first went to mom and dad 🙂 some intermediate shots below!!! I just love doing it… starting another already it will be up soon!!

I think what I enjoy most about this …. you build in squares and make a picture!!! (makes me think of the magnetic mosaics Tiffany gave me!!! Great possibilities)



March Projects 002 March Projects 001



No Sleep for the Weary…

Sleep is probably one of my most favorite things to do!!!  I am pretty sure it has ALWAYS been this way….

My mother has told me many times about how when we were kids and everyone had to sleep in Dad and Mom’s bed I would be the one sleeping sideways (duh! I’m the youngest… therefore get the best spot). As I got older (and my own bed) I had a water bed… oh the luxury of rocking yourself to sleep!!! And at camp … falling asleep to the sound of the rain on the metal roof or the river rushing by….


A few years ago I had surgery and couldn’t sleep on my stomach… ick! And now??? I have to hook up to a machine (CPAP) and take meds! Thankfully I have a very comfortable bed!!