Up Til This Point…(or What I am Overcoming)…..

So I need to gather a brief medical history to give to my personal trainer (I have one lol) he also wants a summary from my chiropractor.. which I will get next time I am in.

I have always had physical issues it starts with a weak foundation I believe. … I have flat feet. So I twisted my ankles all growing up (once resulting in a broken toe), I have exercise-induced asthma (diagnosed at 18) and a tendency for anemia.

When I was 18 I rode a bike for 500 miles (over 5 days) and after a month of horrible knee pain (right knee) I finally went to the Dr. she diagnosed Osgood-Schlatter disease basically said my knee was still growing and told me to take 4 advil when it started hurting. After a couple years (and getting up to 6 advil at a time – I was young and foolish) I went back to the dr (different one) and they said it was tendinitis. With the same treatment plan (still have issues… I use alieve now instead of advil).

I went to a chiropractor some time latter and he took a full body scan. The results are as follows…. I have one hip higher than the other, 3 spots in my back that were “off”, and my neck curved the wrong way (forward instead of back).

In the fall of 1999 I “pulled” all of the muscles in my right shoulder and went to PT for a few months. It still gives me issues most of the time. The next year I dropped off a rope and twisted my right ankle as I came down, and more PT. In spring of 2002 I decided to get in shape and walked a mile every day with almost no side effects, this was probably the last time I was consciously “in shape”. I worked for camp for many years after that and had a physically active lifestyle.

In Sept 2005, I woke up one day with the worst headache I have ever had. I went to many doctors and tried many medications. Some relief was found through constant chiropractor work (he asked me when I was in a car accident – I asked if the one when I was like 5 counted and he thought I had been in one recently), and massage therapy I had some relief. My axis and atlas joints in my neck were twisted and tilted (those are the top two joints). After a year of pain and the many doctors finding no cause for it, they opted for steroid shots in 6 joints in my upper neck.

Since then (2006) all attempts at getting “in shape” have ended in complete pain  mostly in my neck and usually months of agony.  This is a very frustrating process.


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