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June’s Pintrest Project

June's Pintrest Project

I have been wanting to do this for months!! And I love it!! just a towel rack and shower curtain hooks. And I can see all of my necklaces, which means I wear them more!!! I love it


Foam Roller….pain like never before….

So apparently the muscle has a sheath covering it. The stretches get the muscle, the foam roller …. the sheath. So when the sheath is tight and the roller uses the body weight (of which I have plenty) to release the tension. And it HURTS like you wouldn’t believe. But hopefully it will make it work better!!image

The Fat Girl’s Diary to Moving

Tips and Tricks I learned as I moved (and lost a couple pounds)….
From this…

To this…

-First and absolutely foremost… MUSIC!!! and dance as you walk to different parts of the house. (I pulled out all my old CDs… YES CDs… and listen to music I haven’t heard for years!!!
– If it has a spot … PUT it there… if you move it later so be it but you gotta start small
-Don’t wait until you have everything you need!!! I decided I wanted an organized house (living with 4 boys it may not end up that way but gotta try!!) I don’t have the money to get everything I want right now to organize (I do for my room so that will be my safe haven;) ) So I have decided put it in that area and make a list … of to do lists to get done gonna be here a while anyway … hopefully I hate moving
-Give yourself time… don’t throw a party the day after the movers leave!!! I have 20 days (that is when the landlord gets here and I don’t want him to have a heart attack the moment he walks through the front door!!!

-Set a timeline for your list… you do eventually want to love your house!!

-Spend sometime BEFORE you move to organize in your head what you want where and how you want your house to look; and most importantly, allow it to change as you go

-DON”T buy anything… until you know what you NEED… my roommate can’t stand to have money in his pocket. As soon as we get paid he buys a bunch of stuff for the house… and only his stuff was in it.. I still hadn’t moved in!! It is turning out so different than we thought!!

-Take pictures!! Not only before and after (to see how much you have accomplished) but also of the “memories” that have been in boxes for years and are just taking up space. This is a tip that someone told me years ago that comes in so handy!! I want to be a person that is a minimalist but hate giving things away (or possibly selling) that have a memory attached to them.


***Note… I am single this would be harder if you had kids and a husband you had to be responsible for!!