Monthly Archives: August 2013

My Daily Bread

wpid-IMAG0244.jpgSo I know most people mean actual bread but for me these days   …    I mean medications. And I know it is crazy  but I have decided to do whatever it takes to get through this. And honestly I am a bit scared. What if this never ends? What if I never lose the weight?

I am 30 weeks into the process and still pretty fat.

I do want to scream at every person that isn’t hugely over weight… Get on the ball NOW!!! I am so jealous of people that can move with out pain pills. I know I just have to keep going. You know when you are growing up people tell you to strive for your dreams… Well, my dream is to be able to walk a mile without pain, and to one year NOT topping out my flexible spending for medical insurance! Although reaching the maximum out of pocket is kind of exciting… 100% medical paid… bring it on!!

Don’t mind me I am taking another step forward.


Fgd…the start of fat girls can dance

Do you ever think about the videos…show me some 300 plus (where I started) pound girl doing the exercise and I will buy it!!! I want to do a video…you must be at least 200 pounds to be an instructor and have st least one medical issue (me I have 14) I’ll call it fat girls can dance…. Who’s in????

You see it is websites like this HERE that give me a complex! Apparently I don’t have the determination GRRRRRR that is so not true. I have busted my tail and I feel like a failure. But here we go.. My goal is by Jan 1, 2015 I want to be down 70 pounds!(from my start) and I know I will still have another 40 or so to go from there but it is a freakin’ start. I am going to prove EVERY doubt in my head and heart wrong I am going to do this!!