Show me the Money!!!!

Can’t you just hear Tom Cruise belting that out???? I need to lose major weight this year in order to get my hip replacement done. The doctor took one look at me told me what weight I had to be at and told me to come back in the spring. No steps to help now or anything. This was such a change from the majority of doctors I have seen this year (yes plural there were many) everyone has been so encouraging but this surgeon was straight to the point and left no room for questions. So now I am under pressure, I am in lots of pain a majority of the day and I am being told no weight bearing exercise but lose 70 lbs!
The first couple of days I went through every emotion and it came down to the fact that I just didn’t want to do it (enter childish tantrum here) but I don’t really have a choice. Either live in constant pain or lose the weight.
Now I have been working at losing weight this whole year and I am down 20 lbs from where I started but it isn’t good enough I need to do more. I decided to bring in a visual aid! It is in my kitchen (the baine of my existance) and so now I cry out (in my head) show me the weight loss here is what it looks like…

We have a here and gone jar and I look forward to when there is more in gone than in here…here we go!!!


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