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The Hope in Front of Me

This weekend was the first encouraging weekend in awhile. While meeting with my GP (general practitioner) we realized that there are now 3 months (together) that can possibly go towards my “medically monitored diet” Which would mean I only have to wait another 3 months to get my surgery done – right around July!!!! Which brings the possibility of hip surgery back into this year – WOO HOO!!!

So after the results of my life blood (9 vials of it) and the information that has been faxed in (about 20 pages of doctor visit notes, letter of approval, summary of my weight from the past 3 years, and more) I will find out what the dealio is.

Had to start a new doctor (doctor #9) and had to fill out the dreaded paperwork again…

It is for the doctor that is going to do the GI scope (yes I get a tube/camera shoved down my throat into my stomach) And we set a day for the scope. Gonna make a full day of it and visit the zoo after ­čśÇ


Maybe This Time

So the next step towards bariatric surgery is to start living NOW like I will be living after surgery. Live like I am already “fixed”. Like we should live like we are already forgiven; because we are. We need to stop living like we can’t change because we CAN.So here goes. I am going to start trying (to the best of my ability) to eat like I have had my surgery which includes the following….
a. NO high calorie liquids, like sugared soda and jucies

b.Increase water to 30-50 oz a day (I am planning 2 Nalgenes)

c. Eat 4 to 5 small meals/snacks a day, making sure you are eating until you are satisfied NOT stuffed

d. Eat protein at EVERY meal (eeekk) at least 50% to 70%

e.Minimize (or eliminate) simple sugars and high glycemic index carbohydrates. Such as heavily processed foods – rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, popcorn. Every meal should have one serving of fruit and/or veggie as carbs.

f. Make physical activity part of your daily life

This is a tall order and it is not going to be like a diet this is my new lifestyle. Any tips would be appreciated!!!

What’s on Your List?

So I have taken this step towards feeling/being better. I have decided to go ahead with getting a gastric sleeve. This will help me lose the weight I need to lose so that I can have the hip replacement surgery. Yes, I am having one surgery to make another possible.
That in and of itself is quite frustrating but the list I have is even more. The things I have to complete are:

  • Weight History (for the past 3 years) talk about humiliating!! Let’s view going from fat to even fatter to OMG really weight!
  • Office notes from my doctor for the past YEAR!!!
  • Clearance letter from my doc (thankfully she is on the same page as I am on and I should have no issues with this)
  • Clearance letter from therapist (she’s already had it done and agrees as well) With a ridiculous list of ┬árandom questions (at least they gave them to me and I don’t have to come up with them)
  • Meet with a Dietitian… yeah she is going to tell me all the info that I have been told a million times but this time have to actually do this time around.
  • Pre-operation ┬áNutrition class… once again gonna have to pay attention to this.
  • Body Scan..If none of the above scared you this should…They send electrodes through your body and analyze it. I do NOT need to know what actually comes out of this… yes I am fat I know and I am ok with it and I am gonna change it!!
  • GI scan – Cause who doesn’t love when something gets shoved down your throat.

So that’s my list … what’s on your to do list?