What’s on Your List?

So I have taken this step towards feeling/being better. I have decided to go ahead with getting a gastric sleeve. This will help me lose the weight I need to lose so that I can have the hip replacement surgery. Yes, I am having one surgery to make another possible.
That in and of itself is quite frustrating but the list I have is even more. The things I have to complete are:

  • Weight History (for the past 3 years) talk about humiliating!! Let’s view going from fat to even fatter to OMG really weight!
  • Office notes from my doctor for the past YEAR!!!
  • Clearance letter from my doc (thankfully she is on the same page as I am on and I should have no issues with this)
  • Clearance letter from therapist (she’s already had it done and agrees as well) With a ridiculous list of  random questions (at least they gave them to me and I don’t have to come up with them)
  • Meet with a Dietitian… yeah she is going to tell me all the info that I have been told a million times but this time have to actually do this time around.
  • Pre-operation  Nutrition class… once again gonna have to pay attention to this.
  • Body Scan..If none of the above scared you this should…They send electrodes through your body and analyze it. I do NOT need to know what actually comes out of this… yes I am fat I know and I am ok with it and I am gonna change it!!
  • GI scan – Cause who doesn’t love when something gets shoved down your throat.

So that’s my list … what’s on your to do list?


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