Maybe This Time

So the next step towards bariatric surgery is to start living NOW like I will be living after surgery. Live like I am already “fixed”. Like we should live like we are already forgiven; because we are. We need to stop living like we can’t change because we CAN.So here goes. I am going to start trying (to the best of my ability) to eat like I have had my surgery which includes the following….
a. NO high calorie liquids, like sugared soda and jucies

b.Increase water to 30-50 oz a day (I am planning 2 Nalgenes)

c. Eat 4 to 5 small meals/snacks a day, making sure you are eating until you are satisfied NOT stuffed

d. Eat protein at EVERY meal (eeekk) at least 50% to 70%

e.Minimize (or eliminate) simple sugars and high glycemic index carbohydrates. Such as heavily processed foods – rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, popcorn. Every meal should have one serving of fruit and/or veggie as carbs.

f. Make physical activity part of your daily life

This is a tall order and it is not going to be like a diet this is my new lifestyle. Any tips would be appreciated!!!


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