The Hope in Front of Me

This weekend was the first encouraging weekend in awhile. While meeting with my GP (general practitioner) we realized that there are now 3 months (together) that can possibly go towards my “medically monitored diet” Which would mean I only have to wait another 3 months to get my surgery done – right around July!!!! Which brings the possibility of hip surgery back into this year – WOO HOO!!!

So after the results of my life blood (9 vials of it) and the information that has been faxed in (about 20 pages of doctor visit notes, letter of approval, summary of my weight from the past 3 years, and more) I will find out what the dealio is.

Had to start a new doctor (doctor #9) and had to fill out the dreaded paperwork again…

It is for the doctor that is going to do the GI scope (yes I get a tube/camera shoved down my throat into my stomach) And we set a day for the scope. Gonna make a full day of it and visit the zoo after 😀


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