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It’s the Little Things…

Like drinking water at the same time I am eating anything. I can’t eat and drink at the same time – HOW do you wash down the food??? I also have to wait 45 mins after eating to drink. Then there is the 15 mins after drinking before I can eat anything. Totally separating the two is completely foreign to me.

Add on to that I have to eat every 3 hours (I will no longer feel hunger) and within one hour of waking up. Every meal needs to have protein in it. 75% of my food intake has to be protein.

So my regimen is as follows… wake up, eat, wait 45 mins drink (mostly water) 2 hrs later I stop drinking so that 15 mins later I can eat then wait 45 mins again before drinking… rinse and repeat to the end of the day. And if it works out eat within one hour of going to bed!! All “meals” have to be under 4 oz (the size of my new stomach). Who said this was the easy way out??? ’bout to punch you! (not really I’m a lover not a fighter) this will be my new life in T-12 days. Oh forgot… all sorts of new vitamins (liquid of course) – B-12 (under the tongue kind), Multi-vite, Vitamin D and Calcium Citrate (both hard to find in liquid form) then a Fiber (fun stuff).


Writing is on the Wall

The date is set July 7th I will be having surgery! It is only 2 weeks away and I am freaking out – that seems so soon. I my last pre-operation appointment on Tues. Not sure what it will entail but it is my last stop.

I am still researching my vitamins and food supply. Finding powder anything is top priority. I also am excited that I will leave the hospital and have my meds changed. Possibly off of High Blood Pressure meds for good. Then the next 8 months is going to be the most in shape I have ever been.  I am hoping my habit of going to the gym will grow to 5 days a week lifting on 2 of them.

Just taking baby steps and getting up that mountain!

M&M’s Anyone???

Just finished my nutritional appointment and the biggest take away ….m&m size bites wow!! That is tiny I also have to not drink at the same time I am eating which is going to be weird for me I usually wash down my food but not even water I have to wait 45 mins after I eat. And 15 mins after I drink I can eat but I have to eat every 3 hrs. Life is going to become a series of paying attention to the clock for sure!!! They have been great at giving me resources so that is helpful, a list if protein on the go ideas snacks throughout the day, is the best so far. Which will he helpful for my days off, my biggest stumbling block at the moment. I kind of eat whatever a want these days. My biggest fear is still the paying for it part $700 is a lot of money. This is going to be a lifestyle change I am not sure I am completely ready for but it is coming and I have to trust that God is taking care of it.

Massive muscles


Ok so maybe not but I am in better shaper than a majority of people getting bariatric surgery so that is a bonus. They are saying I need to be working out 5 days a week …. 1 as weights the other 4 cardio…this is my goalin the next few weeks. I am nearing surgery about 5 weeks out if everything goes as planned. I am trying to have protein shakes more to get into the taste as I will be having mostly all shakes right after. Next week I meet with the nutritionist and have a 2 hr seminar on how to eat after my surgery…and the truth comes to the surface and the details will be revealed! Here we go…