M&M’s Anyone???

Just finished my nutritional appointment and the biggest take away ….m&m size bites wow!! That is tiny I also have to not drink at the same time I am eating which is going to be weird for me I usually wash down my food but not even water I have to wait 45 mins after I eat. And 15 mins after I drink I can eat but I have to eat every 3 hrs. Life is going to become a series of paying attention to the clock for sure!!! They have been great at giving me resources so that is helpful, a list if protein on the go ideas snacks throughout the day, is the best so far. Which will he helpful for my days off, my biggest stumbling block at the moment. I kind of eat whatever a want these days. My biggest fear is still the paying for it part $700 is a lot of money. This is going to be a lifestyle change I am not sure I am completely ready for but it is coming and I have to trust that God is taking care of it.


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