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Work it out


So they want you workingout as much as possible. My gym is only open Monday thru Friday so I try to make it every day. My choice recumbent bike (the kind you look like you are sitting in a chair) such a great choice! I can even read a book while I bike. I have also started pulling in weights this week. The dedication I need blows me away. It is hard getting out there so much but I need to remember it will be worth it and maybe someday I will love it!



I now can eat whatever I want. The rules are to get a certain amount of protein and water. This is actually the hardest part. I am no longer being told what to eat and I have to do it for the rest of my life. I am down 31 pounds total and bumbling my way through what to eat. Food costs stayed the same because I am eating less but more expensive food. My crockpot has come in very handy and it provides enough food for two weeks I just have to eat the same thing every day! But it is a good starting point. This is a learning curve that has been a challenge more than not but will be worth it. That is what I remind myself I have a purpose for this. I also have been making it to the gym 5 days a week and started adding weights yesterday beginning slow at one day a week one rep of everything! It’s a baby step but a step all the same.

What Would You Eat???

I am coming up on my 6 weeks since surgery (Monday is the day) and the food restrictions come off!!! What would you eat? I am planning out my food for next week and I am getting excited. Top of the list is steak! I am thinking Chipolte steak taco (probably just one 😉 If I had all the money in the world it would be Texas Roadhouse! Ummmmmm Steak good stuff…

Also… Ice cream sundaes ummmmm ice cream

I am nervous about trying to figure out what to eat now. They have been great at telling me every step of the way so I am hoping that they give good advice and ideas. Also considering going to  a support group for Sleevers to explore this new and wonderous world and so it begins….

Stalled Out

So they told me between weeks 3 – 6 my weight loss would stall… and here it is… It blows chunks!!! I think this is the part where people start to think “why the h-e-double hockey sticks did I do this???” I am eating nothing but protein and at that only 4 oz and I am losing NOTHING it’s not fair!!!!! (That was my two year old whiny voice right there!)

food is about the same

– chili

– chicken salad (with avocado because who just wants canned chicken and mayo??)

– pudding (because I can)

– black beans and ground beef (with a little cheese melted on it)

– Refried beans

– greek yogurt

-egg whites


Glad I don’t really get bored of food…. ok I get a little bored but what’s a girl to do, I don’t want to work at it 😉

I am drinking lots of water and working out (shooting for 5 times a week!)

Moving Forward

I am up to soft foods. I get to eat canned chicken, refried beans, string cheese, ground beef, avocado, and black beans to name a few. This is a really exciting time and I feel like I am accomplishing a lot. I am learning a lot as well. I am working hard on making protein first. Right now it is soft proteins. I am spending more time focused on eating than I ever have in my life. I think it is going to be a big part of my life for awhile until I get this figured out.

Food right now

– black beans, ground beef, avocado and cheese

– greek yogurt


-beef jerky nuggets

-string cheese

to name a few.

I have also worked hard on getting to the gym 5 days a week for at least 30 mins