Monthly Archives: October 2014

Mile Marker… 50

I hit fifty pounds down today. It has been a long road. This isn’t about just eating less, it is about eating right. Protein first!! A chunk of every week is spent prepping and working through what I am going to eat and how I am going to get protein into every meal. I now have a pattern and sometimes I get bored with the meals. But I am learning that routine is important. I eat the same thing day after day and I make sure to keep going to the gym every day. Routine is the heart of change. I am keeping to my new routine and it seems to be working so on to the next day


The Next Step

Next on my surgery to do is a hip replacement. So I went into the hip doctor just recently and he gave me a book to read


It’s 300 pages and scary. Not sure I am ready for this to happen yet. I have 3 months to get ready. It is a scary thing to do!