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So I am not terribly funny; but recently one of the best things I figured out not too long ago is that I am fat. I know it shouldn't have been surprised as I was over 300 pounds! (don't know how much over, my scale tops out at 300 so for awhile my weight was "err") So I decided to get in shape. Well nothing happens as planned. As I am at 6 mos into this thing and only down 8 pounds and frustrated beyond words. Every work out video and plan is for someone that can move; as lots of moving causes me intense pain. I am working with a few different doctors and have some plans. I am hoping one day this struggle will help someone else.

Little Miss May

The first birth I have ever seen in person!! My Best Friend and her husband invited me to the birth of their first little one… little miss May. I have never been so blown away. My bf’s husband was incredible i have never seen him so attentive to her and so encouraging and helpful. And my best friend is a champ she rocked the hard fast labor with no pain meds!! But the star of the show is definitely little miss May.



So there is this place in the Bible , you may not read it, but in there is a spot…. i am not sure where cause I was actually watching Prince of Egypt, but it is there. Anyway… it is a point where God (yes God… if you don’t believe pretend) appears in a burning bush to Moses. Must have been amazing but that is another story. He (God) tells Moses to go to Pharaoh (their king guy) and to tell him to let his million slaves leave. If you don’t know the story read it if you know the story, read it again…it is amazing. Anyway, God sends Moses, Pharaoh says no! Big shocker right? Not really. So God tells Moses to perform certain miracles, and this is where it happens. It crashes around him. Now the bible doesn’t say anything about how Moses feels in this part, but God, uses Moses to perform these great amazing acts in front of everyone which is SO cool. Well until Pharaoh’s guys do the same thing. And how I would feel is betrayed, emabarassed, stupid. I couldn’t believe I had never thought of it. Never heard a talk on it. Never heard preacher or commentary. Hmmmm weird I think. But they just plow through and move on. Yes pharaoh does eventually let God’s people go and there are more amazing stories about a pillar of fire and manna from heaven. So I guess the message is we gotta keep going to get to all those other amazing stories God has planned. Because no matter how Moses felt (whether it was embarrassed or betrayed) he still performed the next miracle.


Happy Easter… is in our Catholic church growing up we would say to each other He is risen and responding with He is risen indeed. Just a totally reminder that He is alive and taking care of us cancer and all. May your Easter be a remembrance of what Christ did and how much He loves you.

Life as I Know it

I get up very early these day…. usually before the sun. I put in a movie of some sort and then log into my computer to work. My mom usually wakes up first and comes to visit me, dad usually wakes much later. This is due to the fact that he is going through Chemo and is exhausted always. And can I tell you a secret?? everytime he sleeps I am scared he won’t wake! This is the new life as I know it.

Too Long Time

I realize it has been too long since I posted last. But the good news is that I had my surgery and it went very well and I am recovering well. I do still have some pain some times but no where near the pain I had before surgery. I did stop losing weight with the surgery hitting which is a bummer. I am about 30 lbs from my goal weight and I am hoping that now that I am getting back up to speed for working out (5 days a week 500 calories a day) that the pounds will eventually come off. I have started watching what I eat and tracking it all on My Fitness Pal (great app if you need one to use!) It tracks all my food and tells me how many calories to eat to lose pounds. I am back on a bike now (for the first 3 months after surgery all I did was walk) and that has helped me to work out more. I am excited moving forward and I am making future plans… I am headed back to school in the fall and I am working towards getting out of debt. New hope now that I am out of pain!

It’s coming…

Hip surgery that is. It is what started this journey. Total Hip replacement. I am thoroughly excited and quite nervous but it is coming. Many times I have thought of putting it off until the pain was “worse” a total crippling pain but I feel like I know I have to do it why sit around waiting. So I trudge forward with getting rid of the pain that I do have and moving forward to a place where I can stop planning my day and trips around what I handle for pain. I look forward to hiking and dancing and trips. The start is coming it will still be a long road and I will keep up (better than I have been) with the posts.

Mile Marker… 50

I hit fifty pounds down today. It has been a long road. This isn’t about just eating less, it is about eating right. Protein first!! A chunk of every week is spent prepping and working through what I am going to eat and how I am going to get protein into every meal. I now have a pattern and sometimes I get bored with the meals. But I am learning that routine is important. I eat the same thing day after day and I make sure to keep going to the gym every day. Routine is the heart of change. I am keeping to my new routine and it seems to be working so on to the next day

Dreaded Candy Bowl



At work we have a candy bowl…. I pass it on my way into work every morning and it is HORRIBLE. The hardest thing to say no to right in my face every morning. And if I by chance make it passed with not eating any of the candy I think of it all day. Sugar really is addictive! And it tastes so good. So I am getting ready for the holiday season by not eating candy every day. I have made 2 days in a row with no candy from the candy bowl. My next goal….3 days hopefully I will get there next week but for now… I had a couple candy corns right after I took the pic lol

Not too old

So I had a surprise root canal yesterday not a great day for me, although I did get out of work. I had to go back a second time yesterday because my temporary crown (ie tooth) broke. I got it replaced and the second one is stronger however it won’t stay in place. So today I stopped at Walgreens and got, wait for it…….fixodent. yes I really feel old now. I need a hip replacement and I am buying fixodent gah!!!!