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Little Miss May

The first birth I have ever seen in person!! My Best Friend and her husband invited me to the birth of their first little one… little miss May. I have never been so blown away. My bf’s husband was incredible i have never seen him so attentive to her and so encouraging and helpful. And my best friend is a champ she rocked the hard fast labor with no pain meds!! But the star of the show is definitely little miss May.



So there is this place in the Bible , you may not read it, but in there is a spot…. i am not sure where cause I was actually watching Prince of Egypt, but it is there. Anyway… it is a point where God (yes God… if you don’t believe pretend) appears in a burning bush to Moses. Must have been amazing but that is another story. He (God) tells Moses to go to Pharaoh (their king guy) and to tell him to let his million slaves leave. If you don’t know the story read it if you know the story, read it again…it is amazing. Anyway, God sends Moses, Pharaoh says no! Big shocker right? Not really. So God tells Moses to perform certain miracles, and this is where it happens. It crashes around him. Now the bible doesn’t say anything about how Moses feels in this part, but God, uses Moses to perform these great amazing acts in front of everyone which is SO cool. Well until Pharaoh’s guys do the same thing. And how I would feel is betrayed, emabarassed, stupid. I couldn’t believe I had never thought of it. Never heard a talk on it. Never heard preacher or commentary. Hmmmm weird I think. But they just plow through and move on. Yes pharaoh does eventually let God’s people go and there are more amazing stories about a pillar of fire and manna from heaven. So I guess the message is we gotta keep going to get to all those other amazing stories God has planned. Because no matter how Moses felt (whether it was embarrassed or betrayed) he still performed the next miracle.


Happy Easter… is in our Catholic church growing up we would say to each other He is risen and responding with He is risen indeed. Just a totally reminder that He is alive and taking care of us cancer and all. May your Easter be a remembrance of what Christ did and how much He loves you.

Life as I Know it

I get up very early these day…. usually before the sun. I put in a movie of some sort and then log into my computer to work. My mom usually wakes up first and comes to visit me, dad usually wakes much later. This is due to the fact that he is going through Chemo and is exhausted always. And can I tell you a secret?? everytime he sleeps I am scared he won’t wake! This is the new life as I know it.

Too Long Time

I realize it has been too long since I posted last. But the good news is that I had my surgery and it went very well and I am recovering well. I do still have some pain some times but no where near the pain I had before surgery. I did stop losing weight with the surgery hitting which is a bummer. I am about 30 lbs from my goal weight and I am hoping that now that I am getting back up to speed for working out (5 days a week 500 calories a day) that the pounds will eventually come off. I have started watching what I eat and tracking it all on My Fitness Pal (great app if you need one to use!) It tracks all my food and tells me how many calories to eat to lose pounds. I am back on a bike now (for the first 3 months after surgery all I did was walk) and that has helped me to work out more. I am excited moving forward and I am making future plans… I am headed back to school in the fall and I am working towards getting out of debt. New hope now that I am out of pain!

It’s coming…

Hip surgery that is. It is what started this journey. Total Hip replacement. I am thoroughly excited and quite nervous but it is coming. Many times I have thought of putting it off until the pain was “worse” a total crippling pain but I feel like I know I have to do it why sit around waiting. So I trudge forward with getting rid of the pain that I do have and moving forward to a place where I can stop planning my day and trips around what I handle for pain. I look forward to hiking and dancing and trips. The start is coming it will still be a long road and I will keep up (better than I have been) with the posts.

Just waiting


I am in a waiting state now. The big rush is over I am in a time where life just is. Nothing new to report . I feel like I have already hit my place of life where this has become the normal way to eat and live. I now know when to get to the gym and how much to eat. It is a surreal place. I am not anywhere near my goal weight but I am down almost 40 pounds. It doesn’t seem real. I am two pant sizes down and look a whole lot better but I am still big and still have a ways to go. I know I just have to keep up to good fight and keep going even though I am ready to be at a point where I say I am done and can stop this diet. But it’s not a diet and this is going on for the rest of my life. Much harder than I envisioned. So I take each day just as a day and don’t think about the rest of my life just the next meal which is in a few hours and going to be very small!!


I now can eat whatever I want. The rules are to get a certain amount of protein and water. This is actually the hardest part. I am no longer being told what to eat and I have to do it for the rest of my life. I am down 31 pounds total and bumbling my way through what to eat. Food costs stayed the same because I am eating less but more expensive food. My crockpot has come in very handy and it provides enough food for two weeks I just have to eat the same thing every day! But it is a good starting point. This is a learning curve that has been a challenge more than not but will be worth it. That is what I remind myself I have a purpose for this. I also have been making it to the gym 5 days a week and started adding weights yesterday beginning slow at one day a week one rep of everything! It’s a baby step but a step all the same.

Stalled Out

So they told me between weeks 3 – 6 my weight loss would stall… and here it is… It blows chunks!!! I think this is the part where people start to think “why the h-e-double hockey sticks did I do this???” I am eating nothing but protein and at that only 4 oz and I am losing NOTHING it’s not fair!!!!! (That was my two year old whiny voice right there!)

food is about the same

– chili

– chicken salad (with avocado because who just wants canned chicken and mayo??)

– pudding (because I can)

– black beans and ground beef (with a little cheese melted on it)

– Refried beans

– greek yogurt

-egg whites


Glad I don’t really get bored of food…. ok I get a little bored but what’s a girl to do, I don’t want to work at it 😉

I am drinking lots of water and working out (shooting for 5 times a week!)