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Mile Marker… 50

I hit fifty pounds down today. It has been a long road. This isn’t about just eating less, it is about eating right. Protein first!! A chunk of every week is spent prepping and working through what I am going to eat and how I am going to get protein into every meal. I now have a pattern and sometimes I get bored with the meals. But I am learning that routine is important. I eat the same thing day after day and I make sure to keep going to the gym every day. Routine is the heart of change. I am keeping to my new routine and it seems to be working so on to the next day


What Would You Eat???

I am coming up on my 6 weeks since surgery (Monday is the day) and the food restrictions come off!!! What would you eat? I am planning out my food for next week and I am getting excited. Top of the list is steak! I am thinking Chipolte steak taco (probably just one 😉 If I had all the money in the world it would be Texas Roadhouse! Ummmmmm Steak good stuff…

Also… Ice cream sundaes ummmmm ice cream

I am nervous about trying to figure out what to eat now. They have been great at telling me every step of the way so I am hoping that they give good advice and ideas. Also considering going to  a support group for Sleevers to explore this new and wonderous world and so it begins….

Looking Through the Glass

On Saturday I start my clear liquids leading up to surgery.  For two days I get to “eat” only things that you can see through…. So for two days I get to eat broth, Jello (yipee), and Isopure with apple juice as a topper! I have to actually make it through a day of work and a day off (where I will be packing everything for the hospital and the week after). Probably sleeping a lot to get my mind off the fact that I am not eating properly!!

It has also been quite the money adventure. My liquid vitamins were approximately $100 and just spent another $50 on my clear liquids! It will be about $75 for the week after surgery (actually pretty good for a week’s worth of food) and then  the fun starts.

I have had all my “lasts” pretty much getting in crazy things like brie and a loaf of bread, or Italian Nachos from Old Chicago, Noodles and Co (and I can now see why I am fat 😉 ), cheesecake and cupcakes are also on the list; and yes I did gain another 7 lbs gearing up for surgery!!


It’s the Little Things…

Like drinking water at the same time I am eating anything. I can’t eat and drink at the same time – HOW do you wash down the food??? I also have to wait 45 mins after eating to drink. Then there is the 15 mins after drinking before I can eat anything. Totally separating the two is completely foreign to me.

Add on to that I have to eat every 3 hours (I will no longer feel hunger) and within one hour of waking up. Every meal needs to have protein in it. 75% of my food intake has to be protein.

So my regimen is as follows… wake up, eat, wait 45 mins drink (mostly water) 2 hrs later I stop drinking so that 15 mins later I can eat then wait 45 mins again before drinking… rinse and repeat to the end of the day. And if it works out eat within one hour of going to bed!! All “meals” have to be under 4 oz (the size of my new stomach). Who said this was the easy way out??? ’bout to punch you! (not really I’m a lover not a fighter) this will be my new life in T-12 days. Oh forgot… all sorts of new vitamins (liquid of course) – B-12 (under the tongue kind), Multi-vite, Vitamin D and Calcium Citrate (both hard to find in liquid form) then a Fiber (fun stuff).