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One Year to the Date…

So a year ago was the worst day of my life. I had circumstances that were not ideal but that wasn’t the what put me over the edge. I knew things would get better I just didn’t want to wait for that time. So I made a plan… I was going to stop at a liquor store go home and down a bottle of pills with a bottle of booze. Thankfully I pulled over on the side of the road instead and called my counselor. She convinced me to drive to my friends house and we decided that I would go into the hospital. Now here I am a year later and I can’t say that I have always been happy to get through this but things are better now. I am so very thankful for the people that have gotten me through the last year, because I know that it takes a community.


Grandma Miller’s

imageThis is the finished product

I love it so much I want to do it again πŸ™‚ there is only one flaw and I don’t know that anyone but me would see it πŸ˜‰ I may be the only one who likes seeing all of these but you’re stuck with it πŸ˜›



The Unexpected Meet!

So when I left work yesterday I was all excited…. I was going to see my boyfriend, whom I hadn’t seen for TWO WEEKS!!! I was excited I got off work early and took care of some errands and waited….
about the time we were supposed to meet up I got a call. His boys missed their flight home 😦
Now I told him a about a month ago that I had no need to meet the boys so soon. His ex blames me for them breaking up (way off base) but that is how hurt people see things, I figured his boys needed to know that he loved them and that they were the most important thing to him. …..
so they needed a place to stay…. WHAT?!?!?! …. I kinda freaked out… I have never met them and now I was providing housing??? Ooh my goodness.
Luckily I was housesitting and they had a dog and Netflix and that was about all they cared about.
I was also nervous about what K had told them about me… but he held my hand an nothing else mattered. I was immediately at ease…I turned the car on so they could sit in the warmth while we [over]packed the car! I don’t think the Honda Civics were made to have so much stuff. Every available space (including the air above each person) was packed to capacity.
After a lovely evening fending off the dog and trying to figure out Netflix Instant Watch (in other words the TV spazed out so we went to bed) I got to sit and talk with my man! Oh how I have missed him πŸ˜€ And this morning we all had to be up around 4:30 AM (now I know it must be love I don’t get up that early for ANYONE!!!!) and I got a peak into what the future {might} hold.
Between getting up two adolescent boys, one super hyper dog, AND me.. it was a mess… but all in all we got out the door and on the road a meer 6 mins after our “must” leave time.
They dropped me off at work and are on their way to the airport … where *hopefully* they will fly home, and I have met the boys that my man loves and we shall have to see what kind of wrath the ex brings down on us*sigh.