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Not too old

So I had a surprise root canal yesterday not a great day for me, although I did get out of work. I had to go back a second time yesterday because my temporary crown (ie tooth) broke. I got it replaced and the second one is stronger however it won’t stay in place. So today I stopped at Walgreens and got, wait for it…….fixodent. yes I really feel old now. I need a hip replacement and I am buying fixodent gah!!!!


Just waiting


I am in a waiting state now. The big rush is over I am in a time where life just is. Nothing new to report . I feel like I have already hit my place of life where this has become the normal way to eat and live. I now know when to get to the gym and how much to eat. It is a surreal place. I am not anywhere near my goal weight but I am down almost 40 pounds. It doesn’t seem real. I am two pant sizes down and look a whole lot better but I am still big and still have a ways to go. I know I just have to keep up to good fight and keep going even though I am ready to be at a point where I say I am done and can stop this diet. But it’s not a diet and this is going on for the rest of my life. Much harder than I envisioned. So I take each day just as a day and don’t think about the rest of my life just the next meal which is in a few hours and going to be very small!!

34 down

I don’t know what it is but 30 was a milestone for me. I think the thought of all that I have to lose is too much and so it has to be broken up into small (bite size if you will) pieces; and 30 was the first bite.

Next goal….45 and I want to hit it before the month is out. which means… I need to keep to the better foods (PROTEIN first) eating the smaller portions are easy I just can’t fit the food I used to 🙂 but it is real easy to have something “good” but not “good for me”.  I think this is where I am getting into trouble. Now don’t get me wrong I am still losing 3 pounds a week and that is pretty good. I do think I could do better and am hoping for it!

Work it out


So they want you workingout as much as possible. My gym is only open Monday thru Friday so I try to make it every day. My choice recumbent bike (the kind you look like you are sitting in a chair) such a great choice! I can even read a book while I bike. I have also started pulling in weights this week. The dedication I need blows me away. It is hard getting out there so much but I need to remember it will be worth it and maybe someday I will love it!

Stalled Out

So they told me between weeks 3 – 6 my weight loss would stall… and here it is… It blows chunks!!! I think this is the part where people start to think “why the h-e-double hockey sticks did I do this???” I am eating nothing but protein and at that only 4 oz and I am losing NOTHING it’s not fair!!!!! (That was my two year old whiny voice right there!)

food is about the same

– chili

– chicken salad (with avocado because who just wants canned chicken and mayo??)

– pudding (because I can)

– black beans and ground beef (with a little cheese melted on it)

– Refried beans

– greek yogurt

-egg whites


Glad I don’t really get bored of food…. ok I get a little bored but what’s a girl to do, I don’t want to work at it 😉

I am drinking lots of water and working out (shooting for 5 times a week!)

A New Adventure

A year ago I started a journey. I wanted to get in shape. I never had a number in mind I just wanted to be better. This past year has been a challenge but I have consistently worked out for a year that alone is a miracle and fills me with joy. I never really considered myself a gym rat…guess I proved myself wrong.
Well after a tough year of working out and eating better (ie not eating out) I lost about 20 pounds….again that is 20 pounds…that’s it?!?!?!?! All my hard work felt like it wasn’t worth it but I have kept on.
In this year I have lost the man I thought I was going to marry, moved into a small space making me get rid of about half of my possessions (like I needed that crap), and of course created my biggest injury that I have had yet.
Now I have spent a lot of my life in pain so I can’t say that I am surprised that I have another injury. So here I sit (cause standing hurts) needing a hip replacement. A freaking hip replacement before 40!!!! And for salt in the wound …I have to lose (at this point) 60 pounds before they will perform it. So this new adventure?….. I am going in for weight loss surgery, never thought I would ever do this but I am at my wits end. I am freaked out but here I go…