It’s NOT a Sprint it’s a Marathon…

I am a sprinter…short bursts of all I have is what I do best. Unfortunately that is how I do everything in life. Give everything I’ve got for as long as I can then peter out….i have made it through a good chunk of life succeeding like this. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on this particular situation, in fact it is more of a rehabilitation than any thing else. It consists of concurring small mountains before going on to the bigger ones; and I am pretty sure I have the whole of the Rockies before me. Every time I make the summit I see another even bigger mountain on the horizon.
My new challenge…mornings. I really having my stretches done before I do other things I feel like I can succeed better at the little things through out the day if I have my muscles stretched out; however I am a true night owl. I hate mornings!!!! So the thought of getting up at 5am is brutal to me.  I am trying to keep my eye on the prize…. actually being able to hike the Rockies!!!

A big problem is in my minds eye I don’t see this….FGD

I need reality!!! … so bring on the mountains I’m going hiking!


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